• Disable Last Seen Feature in Whatsapp for PC


    Those of you using Whatsapp on a regular basis are already aware of the “Last seen” feature showed for each contract. Even if for some of you this feature is useful, sometimes, it is really awkward and problematic when you do not want to show the hour when you have been online.

    The problem is that Whatsapp does not allow users to disable or hide Whatsapp “Last Seen

    feature. Fortunately, there is a possibility to do this. Actually, we have two different methods. The first one is through an app, and the second one is a manual method. In the case of Whatsapp for PC, you can use both of these alternatives.


    1. Disable Last Seen Using an App

    There is the simple way to disable this annoying feature. All you have to do is to download an application that will take care of it. As I mentioned above, for Whatsapp on PC, you can use this alternative by using Bluestacks to download the respective application. The simple app called “Last Not Seen” restricts Whatsapp from updating your status about the message Last Seen. The application only restricts or deactivated the cell phone’s internet connection while the Whatsapp is running. It does not allow the service to update your last message reading status.

    The first step is to download and install this application. In the case of PC users, launch Bluestacks and search for the application using the search button. This is the only way in which you can install a mobile application on a computer. Next, open the app and click on Block Last Seen. Now, head over to WA and you will see that your internet connection has automatically turned off. As soon as you leave Whatsapp, it will enable Internet connection on your Smartphone or PC.


    1. Disable Last Seen in Whatsapp – The Manual Method

    The first step in disabling the Whatsapp last seen feature is to disable the internet access. Turn off Wi-Fi or remove the internet connection cable.

    Open Whatsapp and read and send messages. Close Whatsapp, and enable the internet connection. As soon as the internet connectivity is back on, Whatsapp will synchronize with the servers, and the messages will be sent without the server getting your last online status update.

    In the last part, I want to mention the fact that in the next Whatsapp update, users will be able to disable Whatsapp Last Seen feature right from Whatsapp. As you can see, at this time, you can avoid sharing the last seen message by using some third-party apps which are designed exclusively for this job. Or, you can choose to do this manually, by disabling the internet connection each time you want to send a message.

    However, the last alternative might turn out to be pretty time-consuming, especially if you have plenty of messages to send. In the same time, you might come across the fact that the recipient is online. In this case, there is nothing you can do in order to avoid your online or offline status.

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  • Enable Find My iPhone On Apple Devices


    If you cannot find an alternative to prevent logins that are cellular, just reset your passwords.

    Filing a police report, with the understanding that it’s not likely the police will have a way to act on the thieving, is a key measure. Recording the instance is important, particularly when the device turns up later. Remember to include an unique identifier for your own device, including its phone number or better.

    Eventually, educate your family and friends of the thieving. It’s not impossible the burglar may try and impersonate you or via SMS on a telephone that is different. You’ll be able to prevent the people in your address book from being victimized as well, by letting they understand that you just’ve got a new number.

    Be Prepared

    To do this, just tap settings, iCloud, and then scroll down to the Find My iPhone toggle at the bottom of the display.

    find iph

    Moreover, you’ll have the ability see where your device’s GPS radio is in close to real time and to remotely activate it. If you take this to the police (you are not Batman, let the pros take care of it) you are much more prone to get your telephone back. While you’re at it, set up your iPhone so you’ll be able to readily and fast re-activate a replacement telephone to save its backups on iCloud. When connected to iTunes, you may also configure your iPhone to encrypt its copies and contain login information. However you decide to back up your telephone, make sure that you do so frequently, lest you miss vital information.

    While brute-forcing a passcode this short will not require quite long, iPhones will mechanically lock themselves for increasing durations when incorrect codes are entered. Additionally, it will prevent a burglar from just unlocking your phone and shutting off Locate My iPhone.

    Consider altering the Require Passcode setting to, if you are very security minded. You can also choose to enable a considerably longer passphrase as opposed to the default four-digit passcode, making your phone substantially tougher to crack open. To activate Passcode Lock intricate passcodes, tap Settings, General, and toggle Straightforward Passcode off. You’ll be prompted to produce a new passphrase, one that can include more than simply amounts.

    Robbers are most likely after the device itself, though personal data could be icing on the cake. But the contents of your phone that are special to you are probably irreplaceable photographs. You are able to create a running online backup of the last 1,000 photographs in iCloud, though photographs that are old will be deleted by this you exceed the first thousand. If you’re on a Mac, set up iPhoto to sync with Photostream your pictures always have a house somewhere.

    Instead, it is possible to automatically upload images to services or Flickr for sharing and back-up. Dropbox also has strong integration with iPhone photographs, and in a minimum of one instance has supplied a startling look at the life of an iPhone burglar you did not understand that every picture he shoots appears in his casualty’s Dropbox.

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  • Applications For Your IPhone.


    34Since the growth of the Iphone, the market has found everything in the Bible Program, as recently seen on-screen with Mila Kunis and in addition Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits, too as Iphone Applications for something and everything from internet-based purchases, trying to help in keeping your youngster occupied with mp3s of the voice although your emphasis must be somewhere else, besides Iphone Apps for delivering one to the nearby service station which supplies a discount to have a significantly essential oil-change.

    It is really a big market to utilize, but should you’ve got an innovative theory, then you definitely may be confident that there’s always an effective way to construct your Application even if you aren’t a computer software specialist. To begin with, you must discover ways to make Iphone programs to obtain a Mac Pc. Good application code can be possibly created by you with MS-WINDOWS, but that might be like trying to obtain oil from oranges. Apple offers a considerable training component that’ll take you through processes to construct  software. Create the New iphone program class that’s provided under Macintosh analyze it carefully, and help.

    There’s a gold-mine of advice within this particular class of creative applications that you should not be without. Besides the Macintosh lessons available on the website, it is possible to get app developing programs from your Iphone itself. You might utilize a software development application created especially for creating Iphone applications. You’ll locate several accessible.

    Then, simultaneously after making your App, you’ll have to think about means to confirm it is enabled by Apple for quantity advertising and boost or produce earnings in the App. You may send your application for the Iphone standard store where you purchased your telephone. One of the numerous greatest thoughts to boost your Iphone program may really be to discuss it together with pals, co-workers, or family members, in certain individuals who are engineering and pc understanding. Nearly all Applications which are allowed by Apple, are also now fairly well-enjoyed by the people. You’ll be way a lot more prone to have it recommended, despite the fact that you should assume rejections of the jobs, should you continue this, and show your program appears to get its proven network of customers.

    Once you get your Application correctly prepared and recognized, you must market it to the fullest potential. Utilizing give-away in areas that people may be especially interested in your Application are normally an excellent place to begin. Let us envision, for example, you’ve discovered the way to produce Iphone Applications for clients searching for helpful information to all your dog parks in the 30-mile radius of just whosesoever they dwell. You may effortlessly mind more than to recovery businesses and dog shops, doghouses and advertise your Application. Once you’ve a couple of dozen customers making use of the program, and happy with it, they’re able to discuss it with their pals, and fairly fast you have really got a viral advertising effort. Various other possibilities demand things like requesting a minimal fee to obtain and install your program until such period as it gets an unique degree of recognition, after which raising the cost marginally when it reaches special standards or outcomes. Following that, it is merely an issue of observation the earnings arriving. Concerning the Writer.

    IPhone Development – Begin now making your own application! Learn how you can really create your own iPhone Applications. Move Here: iPhone Programming.

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  • Best cydia repos

    top download cyda repos

    You always hear that cydia is great and has an impressive number of apps and tweaks catalog, but when you have done getting your device jailbroken and got your cydia download and installed you see that cydia store has a lot of apps. But if you want to increase that number you can always add more sources or should I call them repositories. If you are not that familiar with this procedure first I will explain you how to add a repository. Open cydia then touch the Manage tab, then sources and next hit edit. Now touch Add and input the url of your source or repository.

    And now I will give you my list of repositories that I use:

    -Insanelyi http://repo.insanelyi.com

    -HackYouriPhone http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

    -Hackulous http://cydia.hackulo.us/

    -Big Boss http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/

    -ModMyi: http://apt.modmyi.com

    -Sinful iPhone http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

    -xSellize http://cydia.xsellize.com

    -Cydia Developer and Java Run Time: http://apptapp.saurik.com

    -Rip Dev http://i.ripdev.com

    -iHacks http://ihacksrepo.com

    -BiteYourApple http://repo.biteyourapple.net

    -HackStor repo http://cydia.myrepospace.com/Hackstore/

    -Pwn Centre http://apt.pwncentre.com

    The list of repositories it’s pretty huge, but my list is only a selection of the best repos there are.

    In these repositories you can find apps and tweaks that some of you heard, like WinterBoard, SBSettings or Activator. The only things that you need to have is time to find those perfect apps and tweaks that can increase user experience and productivity.

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  • Easy to get in touch with others using MultiDialer


    Solutions like Skype and Google Voice deliver customers with an easy and cost-effective means of making voice calls from their Apple iPhone, and the most effective component is that when the chat begins, you are not most likely to seem like you are not consulting with somebody over an average call.

    Having pointed out that, you still need to access Skype, Talkatone and Google Voice through their particular client apps, and therefore, it could have a little difficult calling an individual that isn’t really included in your Skype account, yet whose qualifications are conserved in the stock Contacts application. MultiDialer is a Cydia tweak that expands the Phone call menu for telephone number in your jailbroken Apple iPhone to consist of calling choices for Skype, Talkatone, GVoice, Z4 & textPlus. Individuals of MultiDialer will definitely receive the choice to make their telephone calls from these resources also when they touch a telephone number from some outside resource, like an internet site or an e-mail.

    MultiDialer is readily available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and you may download it free of charge from there.

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  • Customize you iDevice with Springtomize 2


    When Springtomize was very first launched it had hundreds of individuals raving pertaining to it. This is since Springtomize incorporates countless Cydia tweaks in to one simple and also effortless to utilize Cydia tweak. Definition, for instance, you could individualize the Statusbar, directories, dock, application labels consequently more all. With this in thoughts, it lacks an uncertainty that Spingtomize is a fantastic Cydia tweak, yet exactly what let down a ton of individuals was the truth that it was not suitable with the iOS 5.0 firmware; that is until now…

    Spingtomize 2 has actually simply been released in to Cydia to be appropriate with the iOS 5.0 firmware. Besides being compatible with the iOS 5.0 firmware, it includes lots of brand-new components such as the potential to personalize the iOS 5 notification center. If you are trying to find a Cydia tweak that will surely not dissatisfy, at that point Springtomize 2 is the Cydia tweak you ought to be having a look at!

    You can easily download and install Springtomize 2 from the BigBoss repo for a cost of $ 2.99.

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  • iPhone Tracker


    Security and also privacy problems have crept up cornering the iPhone. If you have enabled Location Services on your iDevice, location details of your any movement are recorded in a list record and are stored on your pc every time you sync your iDevice. This data began being recorded starting with iOS version 4, though this fact was only just recently uncovered by individuals in the field. While it is not understood exactly why Apple is keeping a log of your tracked area information, it does have many individuals worried as well as discussing it. A few designers have developed a free Macintosh OSX application that checks out the neighborhood list files on your pc and reveal you a visual map of the site info included in it.

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